Lumber Tycoon 2 hack Cheat 100% Working Update 2020

Script functions

  • Walkspeed / Jamp Power / FLY / Teleport / INFINTY MONEY

1) Download the script.
2) To make it work, you need an injector.
3) Insert the script into the injector platform.
4) Launch by pressing the “Execute” button.

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About Lumber Tycoon 2

Lumber tycoon 2 is a Roblox mode that was published by the developer Defaultio. It was introduced to the general public back in 2009. At that time, the game was not yet in such huge demand as it is now. Despite this, she managed to gain more than 670 million visits and the number only continues to increase every day.

In this game, users will have to cut down the forests that he sees around him, get money and spend it on creating the city of their dreams. The main goal, fortunately or unfortunately, is not here. This is a huge sandbox with hundreds of hours of fun.

Lumber Tycoon 2 get to work

Maze map

The maze map in lumber tycoon 2 can be called a kind of Klondike playground. The main currency that can be used in it to achieve the assigned tasks is trees. Among its advantages, it is worth highlighting:

  • Large area. The map is so huge that it will take dozens of hours of free time to study it.
  • Secret places. To find them, you will have to study all the places in detail. Again, the maze map in lumber tycoon 2 is a mysterious place that will amaze every player with its subtleties.
  • Construction. This, again, is the main goal of the regime. On a huge area, which is proposed by the developer, you can build different buildings and make the city of your dreams.
Lumber Tycoon 2 maze map

For construction you will have to use an ax. There are several of them, like the trees in this location. Depending on the tool that was chosen, the level of income also changes, which can be spent on further construction.

Map of blue trees in lumber tycoon 2

There are blue trees in this mode. In order to get to them, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. First you need to get a car and drive up to the ferry and wait for the ship.
  2. On the ship you will have to buy a ticket for 800 dollars (400 one way).
  3. Return to the car on the ship and wait for your destination.
  4. On the island you need to get to the labyrinth.
  5. To go through it and find blue trees, you should use the map, which will be indicated below.

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